Felicity Tutors is an educational partner and affiliate of the nonprofit organization Felicity Motivational Group/Tutor for Good. A portion of all proceeds from our tutoring is used to develop projects that benefit Felicity Motivational Group/Tutor for Good, as well as local communities. Many thanks to the following organizations for their associated sponsorship, affiliations, and partnerships.

Many thanks to the following organizations for their sponsorship, affiliations, and partnerships:



Email-Tutors.com provides math email tutoring to students in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and basic math courses.



Tutor for Good

Tutor for Good is the sister site of Felicity Tutors that provides free online tutoring to students, regardless of grade level and household income. Tutor for Good also provides technology systems and online learning platforms for schools, nonprofits, and other educational organizations.


PharmPsych is an online magazine that provides reliable information and unique perspectives on pharmacy related topics. Their editorial team boasts distinguished and highly experienced professionals in the fields of pharmacy, medicine, education, technology, and publishing. They provide detailed medical information via an easy-to-use website.Their goal and mission is to become a leader in Health Information.

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