Informing minds. Transforming health. Changing lives.TM

Felicity Tutors is an elite tutoring company with nonprofit ties. We provide flexible in person, on demand tutoring services that work around your schedule.

Felicity Tutors is one of the educational alliances of Felicity Motivational Group; a nonprofit organization that is committed to informing minds, transforming health, and changing lives. TM

About Felicity Motivational Group

Years ago, a pharmacist and professor, Felicity Udoji, Pharm.D, had an new idea: use the Internet to connect students, educator, and parents not just to tutors, but also to learning resources and services such as motivational speaking, academic advisement, and life coaching. As a former teacher with decades of experience, Dr. Felicity knew all too well the challenges that students faced, both in and out of the classroom, that prevented them from achieving their maximum potential. She knew that if students had access to a complete source of educational services that were easy to use, they could perform much better. Years later, that idea became a reality: Felicity Motivational Group.

Fast forward to the present, and Felicity Motivational Group, Inc was born. As a non profit, it has undergone structural and administrative changes to provide not only educational services, but health services as well.  As the world’s premier source for health and educational services our professionals are passionately dedicated to improving knowledge for both students and patients.

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